Do I need long-term care insurance?

Facing your own mortality and acknowledging that one day you might become demented is not easy.  However, given the fact that aging is a fact of life, making provisions for end of life care will help to insure that your needs will be taken care of emotionally, physically and financially.  If you plan well, then you will gain peace of mind knowing that your end of life care will not be a burden on your loved ones.

Medical insurance, Medicare and Medicaid will pay for some of your expenses, but not all.  Long-term care insurace is very popular and something to look into while you are still healthy and independent. The more information you gather now, the more options you will have for living out your final years as confortably as possible.  Should You Buy Long-Term Care Insurance? is a good primer for considering long-term care insurance.  Do you have any articles you’d like to share?  Your articles and comments are welcomed.


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