What is the best way to care for aging parents?

This is a great question as it involves many aspects of transition, and options and solutions are as unique as the individuals and circumstances involved.  From preparing meals and administering medications to managing finances and paying bills, there are multiple options to consider and solutions cannot be universally applied.  Should you try to keep your parents in their own home for as long as possible or move them to a professionally managed facility while they are still able to care for themselves?  What are the costs involved?  How can you be sure that they are getting the best medical care and insurance coverage?  In 10 Tips for Aging Parents , the author discusses the financial aspects of elder care and how to avoid some of the pitfalls.  In addition to financial issues, legal issues for long-term care are discussed in How to Care for an Aging Parent.  In The Dilemma of Taking Care of Elderly Parents, the author talks openly about the emotional aspects of taking care of parents while balancing your own needs, your job and your family. 

Have you read any interesting articles about parental caregiving that you’d like to share?  Your articles and comments are welcomed.


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